2021 COVID Protocol

Our 1st day for the 2021  season is Friday, May 14th opening at 10am. To see our hours click here

  1. We have implemented some more changes this season to help to make your shopping experience safe and efficient for all of us as we follow the new Provincial Covid provisions.
  2. Being a one-woman operation has made it too difficult to operate curbside while trying to help customers in the garden. Should you require curbside please make arrangements for pickup before opening hours (8 am-10 am)
  3. Following guidelines we will be reducing the number of people we will allow in the garden so for that reason please come prepared, bring a list. I will help with suggesting substitutes should you need assistance.
  4. Please be courteous of others waiting to do their shopping, try to limit your visit to 30 mins.
  5. Please do a headcount before entering the garden and if you see more than 8 heads then you're welcome to browse the gardens in the front yard or wait in your car. Once you see someone leave then please come to the garden
  6. Please sanitize your hands by the garden gate, gloves are not allowed.
  7. Masks are required.

This too shall pass and with high hopes, next year will be a different story and you will be able to spend time strolling the gardens or sitting by the pond to watch the fish, maybe even exchange those hugs and chats that used to happen. I thank you for your patience and cooperation.