About Hosta Fever


Hosta Fever is a family-owned business specializing in Hostas located in Barrie, Ontario; an hour drive north of Toronto. When we purchased our home we felt extremely lucky to have found a piece of property in the heart of the city, it was perfect. But now it’s better than perfect; it has been consumed by Hostas! Gardening is my passion and to garden with Hostas, in my opinion, it doesn't get any better! We love to have folks visit the garden and enjoy meeting fellow gardeners who share the same passion. You will find it very peaceful as you stroll about the gardens, listening to the sounds of the birds.

Bus tours and garden groups are welcomed by appointment!


Our mission is to serve our customers.

We do this by providing an extensive range of quality Hosta’s, maintaining competitive pricing, and tending to the needs of every customer that comes through our garden gate as best as we can.


I am a passionate collector and have made sure that all of my plants have been correctly identified and they have all come from very well known sources. I’m very confident that all of my plants are disease free and will continue to be diligent in the testing of my Hostas. You will be assured a healthy plant as a remedy for your addiction.

Thanks for stopping by.

HOW IT ALL BEGAN... I no longer update this page, check out Hosta Fever on Facebook for updates!

I had seen so many warnings on the internet about becoming addicted to these so called Hostas. I thought “What? There is no way!”

Well, about 3 years ago (2007) I knew I had the “FEVER” when I had just purchased my 100th Hosta. I told my husband that since 3 was my FAVOURITE number I would stop at 133. Not too sure what happened, but before I knew what was happening I was well over the 133 that I thought I would be happy with. Then before I knew it, all those day trips started to add up and I was over 250 (it’s amazing how those purchases add up!). Since I didn’t really like any numbers between 250 and 300 I promised my family I would stop at 300...

Well the summer of 2008 was when I knew I was beyond help. I created another wish list and started looking for those hard-to-find Hostas that I just NEEDED to have. No matter how hard I tried to keep to the list, I always came home with a few unexpected purchases that were not on the list. It was like going to the grocery store for 1 item and coming home with everything but that 1 item. My Hosta collection grew but my wish list really didn’t change too much (OK, it grew too!)

With having so many different Hostas and chatting with so many other "Hostaholics", I finally decided to take their advice and join the Ontario Hosta Society. I then received an invitation to their annual Hosta auction.

I thought, “Perfect! Now I can finally knock off some of those Hostas on my wish list”. At this point I had just crossed over the 300 line and knew I had to keep control (I didn't). At the auction I met with my one of my favourite Hosta friends, Shirley from Riverbend Hostas and told her my “plan.” Three is my favourite number so I thought 333 would be a great number to stop at. She laughed and hoped she didn't’ have to call me a liar... Looks like I am now going to have to call Shirley and tell her how much I like the number 7! ! !

The summer of 2009 was a great year for road trips. My travels took me throughout the US and provided me the opportunity to meet a few icons of the industry. Well wouldn’t you know it, with all those trips, I somehow ended up with many new varieties which now puts me over 500 different varieties. I am a true gardener and like most gardeners they love odd numbers, so I have to ask myself where will this collecting take me. I thought 700 was just a figment of my imagination, but it’s beginning to look like more of a reality! Stay tuned…….


Nothing like starting the season out with a bang! In the “good old days” I might of added 20-30 plants during the SEASON. Well not in “present day “but I now have a partner in crime, my husband. Yes, he has gotten in on the action, or should I say he has the “fever”. The only difference is I tend to (for the most part) look at hostas I think my customers would find interesting and that are still affordable. My husband on the other hand likes to look for the “really different” hostas that you just don’t see too often, typically with that there is a high price tag. So our first trip of the season we brought home what we would normally collect over the summer (20 hostas) and once again we both said we were done. Who are we kidding, as soon as we arrived home we found spots for these new beauties and I didn’t even have to touch the new garden I had made knowing I would be acquiring a few new additions this season. After we got the hostas in the ground and once again saying we were done, we ( Ok I made some calls too) start making a few phone calls which turned out to really placing more orders for the hostas we didn’t think we would have the space for! So another road trip is not too far off in the future. Hosta count has now hit the 600 mark, I’m sure you know where this is going!


Wow what a season! I’d first like to address why Hosta Fever closed the garden gate in August. My Aunt was diagnosed with lung cancer a few years ago but was doing well until this summer. I decided that I would close the garden gate yet still operate by appointment only so I could be there for her. I’m sad to say that she passed away Sept 11th; I will miss her so much. I have named one of my Hosta seedlings after her” H. Feisty” which I have planted in a special spot in the garden.

I’ve been told there is nothing like retail therapy to make one feel better and I’m happy to report I’m feeling MUCH better these days. I never did get a chance to head out on more road trips this summer so I have made up for it this fall. I have been adding to the collection and was very “surprised” to find out I made it to 700 and beyond. For my customers that have been here I ‘m sure you might be wondering WHERE they will land in the garden! Well that makes for some strategic planning. I’m thankful I have the winter to figure that out! I’m so excited about the new varieties hybridizers are introducing. 2011 is going to be a thrill for all hostaholics! !

I no longer update this page, check out Hosta Fever on Facebook for updates!