Hosta Names S


31" high 70" wide


Hosta of the year 2000

Vase shaped mound of frosted blue-green foliage with creamy yellow margins, good slug resistance with lavender flowers on scapes up to 48" high in July. A hosta classic!

Sails Ho - O/S

24" high 36" wide

Not Available

for 2018

Vase shaped mound of foliage that is frosted green and white in the center with a bluish green margin in early spring, turning all green by early summer. Good substance with lavender flowers on 30" scapes late July.

Saint Elmo's Fire

16" high 45" wide

Bright yellow leaves with white margins that fade to green and repeat in the new leaves so there's different coloured leaves happening on the same plant. Pale lavender flowers late July on 36" scapes.

Sally & Bob

16" high 46" wide


Limited Inventory

Green foliage which is streaked with white, yellow and mottled sections, the leaves are ovate shaped, slightly corrugated and have above average substance with lavender flowers in July.

18" high 36" wide


Narrow, very wavy leaves are intensely blue-green, turning dark green by midsummer. Thick substance, pale lavender flowers in August on 22" scapes that droop significantly.

26" high 60" wide

Dark green, pointed leaves outlined by a wide, irregular band of brilliant gold. Near white flowers late June on scapes as high as 42".
Savannah Supreme

24" high 50" wide


Centre of leaf shows heavy streaking of green and creamy white, margin is white. Fragrant pale lavender flowers in August on 20-36" scapes.

School Mouse

6" high by 12" wide

New for 2018

Attractive sport of 'Church Mouse' that has the same unruly leaves but adds a bright yellow margin. Very thick leaves are blue-green with wavy creamy yellow margins with lavender flowers in early summer.

Sea Angel Wings

18" high 34" wide


Wavy gold foliage, leaf blade narrowly ovate with pale lavender flowers in July on 22" scapes.
Sea Fire

18" high 48" wide


Leaves are slightly corrugated, intense yellow foliage emerge with red petioles early in the spring, fading to chartreuse in summer.Pale lavender flowers late July on 24-38" scapes.

Sea Prize

20" high 47" wide


Limited Inventory

Green leaves heavily streaked and mottled with yellow and white, no two leaves alike. Average substance with pale lavender flowers late July on 28" scapes.
Sea Sunrise

15" high 36" wide


Limited Inventory

Chartreuse leaves streaked with creamy white, splashes of yellow and darker green. Good substance with pale lavender flowers in July on 28" scapes.
Sea Thunder

16" high 35" wide


Leaves are heart-shaped, creamy to white centers with a good dark blue-green margin. Pale purple flowers late July on 36" scapes. One of the first hostas to emerge in the early spring.


20" high 36" wide


A large showy plant with large, wavy dark green leaves and a thick gold margin that gives off a brassy tinge. Good substance, near white flowers appear late August on 42" scapes.

Sharp Dressed Man

15" high 36" wide


Very thick leaves have pure white centers surrounded by a nice green margin. Streaks of lighter green between the leaf center and margin add to the magnificence of this hosta. Lavender flowers in summer. Striking hosta !

Shimmy Shake

16" high 32" wide


Beautifully shaped light green leaves ripple and twist as they reach up and outward making a flat spreading mound. Purplish-red petioles are easily seen as the leaves dance atop them with star-shaped lavender flowers.
Silver Kabitan

6" high 18" wide


Twisted white leaves with an irregular green edge and very striking variegation. Dainty funnel shaped deep purple flowers in August on 17" scapes, full shade is recommended. Also known as Shiro Kabitan.
Silver Star

18" high 36" wide


Upright mound of white-edged foliage, leaves are 7 ¾” long by 4 ¼” wide with good substance. Purple flowers in August on 36” scapes. A perfect specimen plant for any shade garden!

SilverThreads Golden Needles

6" high 15" wide


Variable variegated foliage. Leaf margin is medium to light gold, the center of the leaf is medium to light green with white streaking and a darker green is then overlain creating a misted appearance with pale purple flowers.

Simply Sharon

28" high 48" wide

Not Available

for 2018

Yellowed centered leaves with a secondary colour of light green and a blue green margin. Yellow changes to a creamy white as the season progresses, incredible substance (like cardboad) with nearly white flowers.

Sky Dancer

15" high 33" wide


Very nice gray-green almost blue leaves with a wavy margin. Petioles reddish dotted near the base with pale lavender flowers late in the season on 16" scapes.


16" high by 48" wide


Beautiful turquoise-blue heart-shaped leaves with a heavy substance are very glaucous. The blue in this hosta is compared to the colour of a blue spruce. The thick scapes are topped with fertile lavender flowers in June and early July.
Sleeping Beauty

18" high 29" wide

Frosty blue-green leaves are outlined with creamy margins, thick leaves are slug resistant. Good growth rate with lavender-blue flowers.

Sleeping Star

16" high 30 " wide

$25.00 Frosty blue leaves have a wide creamy border that changes to white, topped with lavender flowers.

Slim & Trim

6" high 14" wide


Thick wavy leaves are only 1-1 1/2" wide, medium to dark blue which form a dense clump topped with lavender flowers.
Smiley Face

7" high 16" wide


Sun tolerant, has unusual wavy yellow leaves and red on both sides of the petiole into the leaf and red scapes. Lavender flowers, maybe with a little red, this is a great breeding plant!
Smooth Sailing

24" high 45" wide


Gold-centered with a green-margin, leaves are slightly wavy and deeply veined with lavender flowers in July on 36" scapes.

Snake Eyes

22" high 40" wide


Medium to dark green margin with chartreuse to yellow center, and a relatively wide white strip between the two layers. Pale lavender flowers bloom in July.

Snow Mouse

6" high 12" wide

White center surrounded by a blue-green border that makes a stunning display. Leaves are very thick and topped with lavender flowers midsummer.


6" high 10 " wide

Slender leaves with very narrow creamy white to white centers and dark green margins that jet into the center. The leaves are of heavy substance, increasing their slug resistance. Lavender flowers on 8” scapes midsummer.
Special Blend

18" high 36" wide


Limited Inventory

The leaves are strongly streaked blue, green, gold and cream and will maintains its streaking better than most. Pale lavender flowers open in mid-summer. A very attractive hosta that is highly fertile!

Spiked Punch

16" high 32" wide


Streaked form of ‘Pineapple Punch’ with long, narrow, wavy leaves streaked with green and yellow. Similar growing habit as its parent! This one has only been produced in very limited number.
Spilt Milk

24" high 52" wide


A dramatic hosta! White streaks and splashes spill over green heart-shaped leaves. Plant has wrinkled and textured leaves with near-white flowers on 29" scapes late June.

Spring Break O/S


Leaves are wavy, chartreuse with a white margin; pale lavender flowers in July in 24-30" scapes.
Spring Fling

24" high 62" wide


Each wide and long pointed green leaf has been carefully adorned with an attractive heavily scalloped wide creamy white margin. Rippled piecrust edge, good substance with pale lavender flowers.
Squash Casserole

19" high 42" wide


Large wavy chartreuse gold leaves fan out to make a spectacular clump. Leaves are deeply veined and somewhat unruly with light purple flowers In July on attractive 20" scapes.

Stained Glass

20" high 45" wide


Hosta of the year 2006

Brilliant ,shiny gold center with a wide dark green margin. Prominent veins throughout gives stained glass window effect. Sun tolerant, fragrant pale lavender flowers on 30-36" scapes in August..

Stand by Me



Upright yellowish-green leaves have a very irregular blue border with lots of streaking toward the center. A vigorous grower and will be topped with lavender flowers midsummer.


28"high 60" wide


Limited Inventory

Green with yellow and lighter green streaks and mottled areas, good substance, smooth texture and fragrant, pale lavender flowers late July on 48" scapes.




Leaves are 7” long by 5 “wide, green with creamy yellow to white streaks with mottled areas topped with lavender flowers late July.


16" high 25" wide


Glaucous dark green leaves with a irregular yellow margin. Leaves are cupped lengthwise, moderately corrugated and have good substance. Pale lavender flowers mid July on 18" scapes.


12" high 32" wide

Low dense mounds of narrow green leaves that are heavily rippled with bright yellow to creamy white margin. Purple flowers in August on 25" scapes.Fast growth rate, this is one of the best choices for borders or edges.

Streakin in Ohio

12" high 14 " wide


Very detailed streaking in the leaves, fascinating foliage from early Spring until frost. Lavender flowers on 16 " scapes which are fertile.

Streets of Gold

24" high 55" wide


Large, very round leaves emerge golden chartreuse, then quickly changing to an INTENSE GOLD which holds its colour throughout the season with heavy substance and strong puckering.

Striped Weasel

12" high 20" wide


Leaves are 8 ½” long by 3 ¾” wide, blue-green with creamy white streaks, good substance with pale lavender flowers mid June.


20" high 50" wide


Hosta of the year 2005

Leaves have a gold center and a very wide green margin. There is often a conspicuous, irregular white line between the center and the margin, pale lavender flowers in July on 20-30" scapes.


12" high 24" wide

Wide, light chartreuse to gold margin with a distinct dark green center. Heavy textured, heart-shaped foliage and good substance; very pale lavender flowers on scapes up to 24"

Sum and Substance

31" high 70" wide


Hosta of the year 2004

Glossy chartreuse leaves of thick substance, fairly sun tolerant and slug proof with pale lavender flowers on scapes up to 50" in August

Sum Cup O Joe

22" high 49" wide


Thick chartreuse leaves have a thin white margin, moderately corrugated and thick substance with pale lavender flowers late July.

Sum It Up

31" high 72 " wide

Large, deeply veined, green leaves with gold outlining each leaf. leaves are wavy, silghtly corrugated and somewhat unruly. Thick substance with lavender flowers that open near the end of the 51" flower scape.
Summer Breeze

19" high 45" wide

Leaves are rounded and heart-shaped with a point, dark green in the center with a very wide yellow margin. Somewhat unruly with good substance, pale lavender flowers on 24-30" scapes in July.

Summer Lovin

18" high 40" wide


Dark green center with a wide yellow margin, thick substance with pale lavender flowers in July. Excellent contrast with the deep green center and the wide yellow margin.

Sun Mouse

6" high 18" wide

$22.00 A vigorous grower it will form a tight clump of thick, nearly round leaves with lavender flowers that open just above the foliage in mid summer. This one is really gold, and it really grows. Give 'Sun Mouse' a little sun and this little fellow just glows!
Sun Power

28" high 70" wide

Moderate wavy, bright gold foliage with good substance. Sun tolerant with pale lavender flowers on 36" scapes in July. One of the very best gold hostas!

Sunny Disposition

12" high 37" wide


Leaves slightly wavy, heart-shaped and pointed emerging chartreuse turning an iridescent golden yellow; pale purple flowers in July on 36" scapes.

Sunset Grooves

12" high 28 " wide

$20.00 This sport of hosta 'Rainforest Sunrise' features eye-catching golden leaves with wide green margins. Mature foliage is somewhat cupped and have excellent substance, this is a vigorous grower with pale lavender flowers.

Surf and Turf

21" high 38" wide


Leaves are medium to dark green, unruly, heavily corrugated, with thick substance. Pale lavender flowers in July on scapes reaching 36" high. If your looking for a large mound of unruly, rippled green foliage, look no further!

Sweet CarolineO/S

From the hybridizer's garden, limited info.


Limited Inventory

Wonderful waving green leaves with a striking cream margin.

Sweet Standard

20" high 50" wide


Center of leaves are unusual, irregularly streaked and mottled, in creamy-white on dark-green with a creamy white margin. Average substance with fragrant near white flowers on 36-40" scapes.