Hosta Names M -O


11" high 23" wide


Leaves emerge chartreuse colour changing to a bright neon gold, some red on the outside petioles. Deep red scapes come slipping out seductively from underneath the leaves with white flowers in July.

Made You Look

20" high by 45" wide

Unique Colouration!

Leaves are light yellow with a chartreuse margin, it shows two different gold colours, with a deeper tone on the margin. Leaves are wavy, slightly corrugated and deeply veined, white flowers late July. A Real Beauty!


24" high 36" wide

Leaves are deep bluish-green changing to gray-green with a wide yellow irregular margin which turns creamy white during the growing season; upright mound; thick substance; pale lavendar flowers in July.

Major Tom



Purple petioles hold thick dark green leaves with white backs that twist and turn in every direction, some of them almost create a complete corkscrew.This hosta is sure to get plenty of attention in the garden!

Man on the Moon

16" high 34" wide


Blue-green leaves are 8” long by 6 ½ wide with gold to creamy white streaks, good substance, fairly fast growth rate and lavendar flowers on 30” scapes in July.
Mango Salsa

12" high 20" wide


Cutest round leaves and a unique rich yellow color. It has pink petioles and heavy substance. Pink scapes and rich purple flowers with reddish tubes appear in July. An added bonus….It is fertile both ways

Mango Tango

20" high 30" wide


A thin mango yellow stripe in the middle of the glossy green leaves; the center of the leaves has a unique crumpled look; lavendar flowers late summer on 24" scapes.


15" high 40" wide

A collector’s choice!


Limited Inventory

Leaves are light green, turning darker with blue hues. Leaves are intensely wavy, intensely rippled, deeply corrugated with heavy substance. Dramatic raspberry purple flowers and buds top 3' scapes.


5" high 10" wide


Small, narrow leaves have a white center and a very dark green border. Leaves poke out in all directions and are somewhat twisted and contorted. A must-have for collectors!

Marbled Cream

16" high by 50" wide

$ 45.00

Limited Inventory

Medium green leaves marbled with streaked cream which holds its colour all season. Lavendar flowers.

Marilyn Monroe

17" high 36" wide


Frilly, wavy, green leaves with an intense white back. Red petioles, good substance with purple flowers in dense clusters on 20" scapes in September.

Mark Anthony

18" high 24" wide


Heart-shaped leaves are yellow in the center surrounded by a green margin. Thick substance, upright growing habit with pale lavendar flowers in June on 24" scapes. Time in the garden and this will be a heart throb!


8" high 24" wide


Lance shaped leaves that have deeply cut wavy edges and gold foliage. Shows it’s bright yellow colour with more sun. Pink flower scape with pinkish buds opening to very light lavendar flowers in June. A very unique Hosta!

Mary Marie Ann

14" high 30" wide

Leaves appear somewhat twisted with a creamy yellow centered, dark green margins, changing to pale green in the center with a dark green margin by the end of the growing season; medium lavendar flowers..


4" high 10" wide

$20.00 Tiny white centered leaves edged by a green margin. Leaves are elliptic shaped, wavy and thin substance with purple flowers late June on 20" scapes. A flashy hosta sure to capture the attention of the miniature hosta collector.

Maui Buttercups

12" high 24" wide


Very bright gold, heavily cupped foliage, leaves are nearly round, thick substance and somewhat unruly. Pale purple flowers in July.


8" high 20" wide

Leaf center yellowish early in the season becoming creamy white with dark green margins. Leaves narrowly elliptic shaped, moderately wavy and thin substance with purple flowers in August.
Megan's Angel

24" high 60 " wide


Wide leaves of heavy substance are a calming shade of blue-green, trimmed by a chartreusey-yellow edge. The lightly wavy margin fades to creamy-white by midsummer, foliage gets moderately puckered with age.

Memories of Dorothy

20" high 42" wide

$ 15.00

Blue-green leaves have deeply impressed veins, bordered with creamy-yellow margins. White leaf backs and reddish leaf petioles add to the interest of the plant. Lavendar flowers late summer.

Midas Touch

24" high 36" wide

$10.00 Leaves are a deep yellow and have excellent substance, dainty spikes of white bell-shaped flowers rising above the foliage in midsummer.

Midnight at the Oasis

16" high 36" wide


Starts off with a thick white centered leaf surrounded by a dark green border, as the season progresses, the white center develops green flecks and becomes darker during the growing season with lavendar flowers.

Mighty Mite

8" high 22" wide

$ 10.00

Shiny wavy medium green leaves, with speckled pale lavendar flowers late August on 17" scapes. Its rich green foliage displays a waxy sheen.

Mighty Moe

8" high 12" wide


Here is another addition for your “mouse family” This is a sport of Blue Mouse Ears Supreme, with blue leaves and a white center. Nice compact size with purple flowers on 12” scapes midsummer.

Mighty Mouse

4" high 10" wide


Round, blue-green leaves are circled by a creamy gold edge. Margin becomes quite wide with age and changes from creamy gold in the spring to white by early summer. Superb substance,purple flowers in dense clusters.

Mini Skirt

5" high 12" wide


Blue-green leaves circled by a wide, creamy-yellow edge that has big, loopy waves. The wavy edges give the thick leaves a twist, making for a dense clump with bell shaped lavendar flowers on short scapes. A fun, flirty addition to the mouse family!
Minnesota Wild


Wavy heart shaped green leaves accentuated by a white margin going from wide to nonexistent with twisted tips adding to the wow factor of this hosta. Great substance grows vigorously into a large impressive plant.

Mint Julep

20" high 50" wide


Exceptional contrast between dark green centers and creamy white margins gives this hosta a distinctive appearance. Good substance with pale purple flowers on 34" scapes in July.


23" high 50" wide

Dark green center with pure white margins, slightly wavy, better than average substance, fast growth rate. Medium lavendar flowers on 22-33" scapes late July.


22" high 48" wide


Nicely ruffled green leaves that have a distinctive sheen and deep veins. A vigorous plant that produces many fragrant white yingeri type flowers, a very unusual trait; does best when grown in morning sun.

Miss Susie

10" high 24" wide

What a great combination, elongated wedge-shaped yellow leaves with lovely bright red petioles. Makes a great container plant where it can really show off the red petioles and that yellow foliage. Lavendar flowers in August.

Misty Gold

16" high 47" wide


Limited Inventory

Leaves are green with intense gold mottling, heavily rippled and slightly corrugated. Lavendar flowers bloom in July on leafy 22”-32” scapes.

19" high 30" wide



Limited Inventory

From Japan, unusual, precise creamy white stripes down the leaf veins. The stripes are prominent until early summer when the plant turns green. Leaves are slightly wavy with a smooth texture, purple flowers in August.

Monsoon - O/S

18" high 45" wide


Rippled foliage of bright gold centered with a medium green margin with pale lavendar flowers late June. This hosta came out of Van Wades garden before it went in for tissue culture.

montana Aureomarginata

27" high 68" wide

Very large pointed green leaves with wide yellow margins which fade chartreuse by midsummer, holds color well all season with a few hours of sun. Good substance pale lavendar flowers on 48" high scapes late July.

Montana Chirifu O/S

32" high 76" wide


Limited Inventory

Large leaves are mottled with gold, and white, slightly wavy along the margin. Good substance, very pale lavendar flowers open on scapes that are between 67-77" high.

Montana Ginrei

21”high 50” wide

Leaves are medium green with mottled green and white margins, slightly corrugated and good substance. Very pale lavendar flowers.

Moon Dance


An eye-catching hosta!


Leaves emerge a chartreuse-yellow with an irregular and creamy-white feathered border. A second flush of leaves appears a bright yellow with a white edge above the first creating a two-toned layered appearance.

Moon Split



Leaves have a wide chartreuse-yellow border and a much narrower green center, good substance with lavendar flowers midseason. Great colour contrast and a vigorous grower!

Moonlight Sonata

20" high 48" wide

Bluish green leaves are wavy, moderately rippled, slightly cupped and have a thick substance. Fragrant bluish white flowers in mid July on 38” tall scapes.


10" high 24" wide

Upright and cascading with elongated, yellow leaves early in the season turning to creamy white centered leaves during the growing season with a bluish-green margin. Lavendar flowers in August.

Moulin Rouge

12" high 24" wide


A new sport of 'Kiwi Full Monty' dark green, wavy leaves have a slightly lighter, milky-green center with a stark white border separating the two. Similar, but even more distinguished than the pattern in 'Striptease'. A leaf within a leaf! The center "leaf" becomes tinged with gold as the season progresses.

Mountain Snow

27" high 60" wide

Leaves are elongated and pointed, medium green with a pure white margin. Very pale lavendar flowers late July on 40" scapes. One of the last to emerge in our garden in the spring.

Mourning Dove


A low spreading mound of blue-gray leaves with a silvery-white back and a creamy-yellow margin that frames the leaves. This Hosta provides an interesting combination of leaf-shape, colour and form.

Mouse Tracks

6" high 12" wide


Limited Inventory

Cute little streaked hosta various yellows and creamy whites that streak through out its blue/green leaves. Great substance with pale purple flowers mid summer.

Mouse Trap

6" high 14" wide


Thick, bright white leaves and a blue green margin, bright white center emerges in the spring and stays all season. Some green speckling in the white center on the newer leaves. Lavendar flowers on cute white scapes
Mr. Blue

12" high 24" wide

A great combination of excellent blue colour and red petioles. Heavy, heart-shaped leaves are a strong, waxy blue and show some light puckering with age. Deep purple petioles that are saturated in colour right up the leaves.

Munchkin Fire

6" high by 15" wide

New for 2017

$22.00 This new miniature may be small in size, but mighty in personality! Narrow leaves taper to a sharp point and shift from their chartreuse spring color, to bright, fiery yellow by mid summer. Forms an upright little clump that is a perfect, vibrant addition to a mini bed.
My Beauty-NR



A Hosta Fever seeding from Dorothy Benedict x OP; named after our daughter Tara's nickname.

Mystic Star

10" high 30 " wide


Leaves are heart shaped, 7” long by 7” wide, intensely coloured blue-green, each leaf comes to a distinct point. Good substance with very pale lavendar flowers in August on 20” scapes.


12" high 24" wide

The shiny, slightly cupped leaves are most brilliant in the spring. The wavy heart-shaped leaves are heavily substanced and provide a backdrop to the lavendar flowers in late July on 22" scapes.


22" high 63" wide

Medium green leaves are good substance with a rippled margin and an abundance of flowers that are 8” long by 5” wide.

Neat Splash

16" high 36" wide


Limited Inventory

Dark green leaves with streaks and mottled areas of yellow to creamy white. Average substance with medium purple flowers late July on 28" scapes.

24" high by 46" wide

Ideal for containers.


Spring the narrow wedge shaped leaves are bright glaucous blue which hold their colour well. As the season progresses they turn more blue green. Heavy rippled leaves with great substance with a lovely cascading form.

Niagara Falls

26" high 50" wide

Heavily rippled dark green leaves that are deep veined, thick substance with a pie crust edge. Pale lavendar flowers late July on scapes up to 45" high.

Nifty Fifty

26" high 48" wide


Large blue-green leaves with irregular yellow margins that fades into cream, cupped at maturity and slightly puckered with near white flowers late June.


6" high by ??


Limited Inventory

Leaves are creamy white with irregular splashes of green dots that vary in size giving it a misting effect, no two specimens are alike. Pale lavendar flowers on 11” scapes late July. Odd, unpredictable, and weird!

Nutty Professor

17" high 50" wide


Center of the leaf is medium green with a margin that changes from yellow to creamy white during the season. Pale lavendar flowers late July.

Obscene Gesture



Sport from H. 'Striptease' parentage that came out of the tissue culture production of H. 'Kiwi Full Monty’. A creamy-white border frames the blue-green leaf center and the typical thin white line runs between the two.

Obsession -O/S

17" high 30" wide


Leaves are shiny, dark green with a medium green to chartreuse center, somewhat waxy and thick substance with pale purple flowers in August on 25" scapes.
Ogon Tachi

20" high 36" wide


Bright gold leaves are 11" long by 6" wide with purple flower mid August on 58" scapes.

Old Glory

24" high 60" wide

Gold heart shaped leaves with an irregular wide, dark green margin that is slightly rippled. Purple flowers late June on 30" scapes. Hosta Fever Favourite!

On Stage

14" high 36" wide

This beautiful Hosta has oval and pointed, cascading yellow leaves with an irregular two-tone light to medium green margin that often streaks towards the center. Pale lavendar flowers on 48" scapes in summer.

One Last Dance

16" high 38" wide

New for 2017

$22.00 Sport of the popular Hosta 'Dancing Queen'. Dark green leaves have attractive yellow margins that are gently rippled. The margins are irregular and can be 1/2 inch to 2 1/2 inches wide. Margins emerge bright yellow and are more chartreuse in summer.


12" high 30" wide


Wavy, creamy yellow to white margined with centers that are medium green with some streaking from the margin. Vigorous grower with pale purple flowers in July on 20" scapes.

Orange Crush

16" high 35" wide


Orangey gold leaves with a 1" wide creamy white margin, moderately corrugated with pale lavendar flowers in July on 3" scapes. Medium to slow growth rate.

Orange Marmalade

20" high 45" wide


Leaves have a thin blue-green margin and a chartreuse to bright gold center that has an orangish cast early in the season and turns creamy yellow by the end of the summer. Good substance, pale lavendar flowers in July.

Orange Star



A sport from H.'June Fever, If grown in morning sun the thick leaf centers will be orange in spring and by August fade to a cream colour. Grown in shade and you will have yellow leaves throughout the season..

Oreo Creme

11" high 18" wide

$ 20.00
Leaves are heavily twisted and contorted, white centered with a green margin and lavendar flowers.

Outhouse Delight

8" high 20" wide


VERY UNUSUAL! Leaves emerge pure-white in spring then quickly develop green speckles, turning all green during the growing season with lavendar flowers in July on 18" scapes.