Hosta Names I - K

Ice Age Trail

16" high 36" wide

This great hosta has heavily streaked foliage, a combination of blue-green and gold, changing to dark green and creamy white by mid-summer; thick substance; dense clusters on 24" scapes late June.

Ice Follies

16" high 36" wide


Beautiful wide creamy white margins with a dark green center, sharp colour contrast and graceful long pointed leaves makes this hosta a real looker. Margin turns quite white by summer with lavender flowers late June.

Illicit Affair

10" high 24" wide


Small mound of green centered leaves with a yellow margin, leaves are slightly wavy and flared. Pale purple flowers on 20" scapes early in July.

Indian Feather -O/S

18" high 49" wide


Limited Inventory

Bright white center with a dark green margin, often streaks in the center with lavender flowers on 27" scapes in July.


17" high 56 " wide



The elongated, closely veined leaves are powdery, blue-gray with. Forms a low spreading mound of graceful foliage held on raspberry colored petioles. Arching, deeply coloured scapes hold fertile purple flowers in late summer. Perhaps the best blue hosta with red petioles to date.

Irish Luck

18" high 22" wide


Thick shiny, dark green leaves with fragrant pale lavender flowers in July on 45" scapes. A Hosta Fever favourite!

Iron Gate Delight

16" high 36" wide

Leaves are green with creamy white streaks centers, and a very dramatic border that emerges gold, then changes over to creamy whit. Vigorous grower, extremely fragrant pale purple flowers in August. Spectacular addition!

Island Breeze

12” high 18” wide 


The lightly puckered leaves emerge in the spring brilliant yellow, toning down to chartreuse in the heat of summer. A wide, deep green margin contrasts nicely all season long. Deep red petioles soak color into the base of each leaf.

Ivory Coast

20" high 40" wide


The grey-green leaves have a bluish hue in spring and are surrounded by a wide yellow margin.The bright yellow margin gets wider with age and turns white by late summer. One of those head turning hostas in spring!

Ivory Queen

12" high 20" wide


Thick, pointed leaves have white centers and nice, wide blue edges. In the heat of summer, the white centers can become clouded with blue-green, but the spring and early summer coloration makes a classy looking plant.

Jade Cascade

30" high 60" wide


Limited Inventory

Upright arching mound of medium green leaves, leave size 18" long by 10" wide with pale lavender flowers in July on 60" scapes.

Jane Ward

16" high 40" wide

The pale yellow leaves have a wide dark-green margin, center changes from the pale yellow to creamy white during the season. Leaves have good substance, pale purple flowers on creamy white scapes.


10" high 18" wide

Deep green leaves have fantastic substance, the wavy leaf edges are intensely serrated like tiny teeth. Handles full sun with ease, but shows the best color with some shade. A sharp little plant!

Jiminy Cricket

8" high 12" wide


Wavy leaves are gold colour early in the season changing to chartreuse by late summer,lavender flowers on 22" scapes in July.

Joy Ride

16 " high by 36" wide


Frosty blue leaves with good substance. Each pointed leaf has a strongly rolled up edge with large, intense ruffles. Some leaves are rolled and ruffled so much that the edges nearly touch, revealing the powdery white underside.


16" high 37" wide


Hosta of the year 2001

Leaves are smooth textured with a thick substance, irregular blue-green margin with gold center. The center will turn to creamy-white in bright light, pale lavender flowers late July into August.

June Bug - O/S

11" high 27" wide


Gold center leaf with a chartreuse to green margin and lavender flowers in July.

June Fever

16" high 30" wide

Leaves are spear shaped, shiny, bright golden yellow turning chartreuse by midsummer, with a narrow bluish to dark green margin, pale lavender flowers late July on 24" scapes.
June Spirit

14" high 28" wide


Shiny leaves with wide deep green margins and chartreuse centers that turn yellow midsummer if planted in part sun. Lavender blue flowers on chartreuse scapes late summer.

Jurassic Park 

50" high 80" wide

Enormous green leaves with a puckered surface and corrugated with a very heavy substance making them almost indestructible. Very vigorous grower, can handle lots of sun, pale lavender flowers. Impressive!

Justa Gigolo -O/S

22" high 54" wide


Limited Inventory

Highly variable, highly streaked leaves are 12 ½” long by 7 ½” wide. Leaves are usually green with yellow streaks and mottled areas, deeply veined and slightly wavy with near white flowers.


22" high 48" wide


Nice thick, shiny yellow leaves have a wide green border, if located in a sunny spot the leaves will stay yellow all season and if planted in the shade they will change to a green center. Great substance!


10" high 22" wide


Incredible leaves streaked yellow and green with a green margin; near white flowers in August.


6" high 12" wide

New for 2018

Pointed, glossy, green leaves are edged by a wide, yellow margin that is gently ruffled. The leaves set on red petioles, and quickly forms a feathery clump Red scapes hold fertile, lavender flowers in late summer.


10" high 22" wide


Shiny medium green pointed leaves with a wide yellow margin that later changes to a creamy white as the season progresses. Lavender flowers on 12" scapes mid July.

Key Lime Pie

18" high 44" wide


Limited Inventory

Leaves are 10 ½ “long by 8 ½” wide, heavily rippled, green centered with a dramatic wide ruffled gold edge. In early summer, the clumps are topped with 20" scapes of light lavender flowers.

Key West

30" high 66" wide


Large, medium gold, heart-shaped leaves, bright filtered shade draws out the most intense gold colouration. Near white flowers in June on 48" SCAPES. A choice selection!

King Size

48" high 60" wide


A really large hosta with satiny shiny dark green leaves. This is a sport of the famous "biggest" Hosta 'Empress Wu' minus the bluish-green wax on the leaves and a faster growth rate and pale lavender flowers.

King Tut

19" high 46" wide


Heart-shaped, brilliant gold foliage with moderate corrugation and thick substance. Near-white flowers on 37" scapes late June into mid-July; slug resistant.

Kiwi Full Monty

18" high 45" wide


Greenish yellow center changing to golden yellow, surrounded with thin band of white. Outside margin is blue green. Pale lavender flowers in early July. A must have!

Kiwi Highlights

24" high 50" wide


Limited Inventory

Foliage is streaked with green and white, every leaf seems to bear a different form of variegation.


12" high 30" wide


This species from Japan has elongated medium green leaves with lots of ripples and a very long twisting tip. The leaves follow the petioles and arch downward creating a beautiful vase-shaped clump.

Komodo Dragon

28" high 72" wide

Semi-upright mound of moderately rippled, dark green foliage.Leaves are slightly corrugated, good substance with a pie crust edge. Pale lavender flowers late June on 40" scapes.

Korean Snow

12" high 30 " wide


Heavily misted leaves with green and white early in the season, changing to a shiny medium green. Good substance and tolerates sun well, bright purple flowers in August.

Krossa Regal

33" high 71" wide

Huge, vase-shaped mound of frosty blue foliage, becoming a shiny dark green by midsummer. Thick substance, slug resistant, and tolerates sun.Lavender flowers on scapes 36-63" end of July. A Classic Hosta!