Hosta Names E - F

Earth Angel

30" high 60" wide


Hosta of the year 2009

Leaf blue green in the center with a 1 1/2" to 2" wide greenish yellow margin. Thick substance with near white flowers late June on 40" scapes.

El Nino

14" high 30" wide

Very blue leaves surrounded by a tidy bright white border. Good substance with lavendar flowers late July. Absolutely stunning and will look great all season.


14" high 28" wide


Long, narrow, severely twisted leaves which are medium green with a nice yellow border that ages to white. A vigorous grower that definitely requires a second look when you walk by. A collector's oddity!


28" high 61" wide


Thick, heavily corrugated, blue-green leaves, leaf turns medium to dark green by mid summer with near white flowers mid June on 34" scapes; produces many flowers per scape, typically between 50& 60; slug resistance.


15" high 30" wide


Limited Inventory

Probably the most mysterious hosta to ever exist: Each shiny green leaf emerges in spring with a creamy white center and a fabulous "stitched" edge, near white flowers late July on 24" scapes. COLLECTOR’S PLANT!

Emerald Necklace

16" high 33" wide

Upright leaves are dark green with a cream center in the spring; center of the leaf is smooth, while the dark green edge is nicely puckered, giving it the appearance of an ' emerald Necklace' with pale lavender flowers.

Empress Wu

39" high 66" wide


This is the BIG one! Huge dark green leaves have deeply impressed veins and tremendous substance. Mature clump will reach 4 '-6’ tall, pale lavender flowers on 5' scapes, truly a magnificent specimen for any garden.

Enduring Beacon

15" high 32" wide


Glowing yellow, glossy foliage emerges in spring a top red petioles forming a symmetrical mound. The brightness endures throughout the season only to be topped off with saturated red flower scapes carrying lavender flowers midseason.

English Sunrise

16" high 36" wide

This most beautiful Hosta has lovely foliage, bright gold in the spring then turning light green as the season progresses. Good substance and slug resistant with pale bluish lavender blooms late July on 24" scapes.


16" high by 30" wide


Frosty blue leaves with a pale-green center that is surrounded by a thick white line. Good leaf substance and growth rate with light lavendar sterile flowers midsummer. A stunning plant !


10" high 20" wide


The creamy-white wedged-shaped leaves have a margin with a wide, blue-green edge. Lavendar flowers top the clump in midsummer.

Eye Candy

18" high 24" wide


Leaves have a bluish green center with a sharply contrasting margin and pale lavendar flowers on 24" scapes in June.

Eye Declair

18" high 36" wide


Leaves are bright golden-yellow with a green margin in spring, the base of the petioles are lightly dotted with red. Pale lavendar flowers late July on 30" scapes.

Fallen Angel

28" high 55" wide


Limited Inventory

Pointed leaves emerge misted, greenish white in spring then turn blue-green and finally green as the summer progresses with near white flowers mid July.


18" high 36" wide


Limited Inventory

Deep green leaves with a dramatic wide creamy white border, leaves are pointed and slightly rippled. Lavendar flowers on 24" scapes mid summer. ' Fantabulous Hosta'

Farewell Party

21" high 44" wide


Bright gold colour leaves are slightly wavy and corrugated with near white flowers on 24-36” scapes from late June into late July. Makes a brightly coloured specimen plant!

Fascination -O/S

18" high 50" wide


Limited Inventory

Green leaves, beautifully streaked with yellow, white, cream, and chartreuse, each leaf is different from the next. Pale lavendar flowers in July. Gorgeous when mature!

Fatal Attraction

10" high 23" wide

Long pointed green leaves have deeply impressed veins and are surrounded by a creamy-yellow margin that turns white as the season progresses with medium purple flowers in August.
Feathered Friend - NR



Seeding from Dorothy Benedict x OP Named after our family Parrot Higgins.
Feisty - NR



Seeding from Dorothy Benedict x OP Named after my late Aunt Jean.

Final Summation

20" high 60" wide


Giant leaves have a dark green margin, with a gold center, glossy and great substance. Pale lavendar flowers in August. Superior rich colour makes this sport of H.'Sum and Substance' a must have!

Final Victory


Big and dramatic, broad, pointed leaves are deeply veined, smooth, glossy, and of leather-like substance. Each deep green, slightly wavy leaf is edged by an exceptionally wide, creamy-white margin.


24" high 48 " wide


There are no two leaves that are the same. A line separates the leaf edge from the center, making a watermark appearance on each leaf with pale lavendar flowers.

Fire & Ice

15" high 22" wide


The leaves offer remarkable contrast with a pure white center and a 1" wide dark green margin. Leaves are lightly twisted, moderately folded and slightly shiny on top of the leaf.

Fire Island

20" high 30" wide


Leaves emerge brilliant yellow on red petioles, red colouring extends from the base of the petiole up into the leaves. The foliage darkens to chartreuse, but the red petioles remain all season long.


6" high 18" wide

Leaves have a creamy white center surrounded by a very dark green margin and some green streaking to the center. Leaves are narrow and stiff and stand straight up with lavendar flowers inJuly.

First Blush

Small to Medium


First red-leafed hosta, not only has red petioles that extend into the leaf blade but also a thin red margin around the leaf. In spring the leaf between the veins will start to "blush" red from the tip of the leaf down toward the base.

First Frost

14" high 36" wide


Hosta of the year 2014

This hosta has interest all season long, in spring its blue-green and yellow combination is quite striking. Midsummer the blue green turns to dark green and the yellow to white, remaining late into the fall.

First Love



Limited Inventory

Grows into a beautiful large clump of shiny, yellow-centered leaves with green margins that show some streaking to the center. Lavendar flowers midsummer; reverse sport of H. montana 'Aureomarginata

First Mate

12" high 28" wide


Lance shaped leaves are yellow to creamy white in the center with a 1/4" dark green margin and thick substance. Pale purple flowers late July on 21" scapes.

Five O'Clock Somewhere

22" high 49" wide


Limited Inventory

The leaves have a bright gold narrow center framed by a very wide green border. Leaves are quite thick and can be slightly contorted, pale lavendar flowers late June.

Fleet Week

32" high by ??

Blue upright leaves with a rippled edge form a large to very large upright mound. This plant has an exciting presence that draws the eye to it! Fast growing with excellent substance; Pale lavender flowers.

Flemish Design

12" high 24" wide


A tetraploid form of 'Designer Genes' with rubbery leaves that are more rounded than its parent, lightly dimpled, and held on red petioles. The foliage emerges screaming yellow in the spring, and simmers down to chartreuse by mid-summer. Blooms in late summer with deep red scapes of dark purple flowers.

Flower Power

28" high 60" wide


Limited Inventory

Semi upright mound of shiny, bright green leaves changing to metallic green with a slight ruffled edge. Highly fragrant lavender flowers bloom on the upper 6" of the 48" scape in July.

Flower Song -O/S-

13" high 31" wide


Bright gold leaves with white streaks, unusual crimping and texture on leaves. Leaves have a pebbled variegation and substance unlike any other Hosta. Rare find, for the collector!

Forbidden Fruit


Thick leaves have glowing yellow-orange centers set off by a wide blue-green border and can be seen from across the garden. Proving to be a vigorous grower that will be topped with lavender flowers midsummer.
A stunning hosta!

Foxfire Divine Winds-O/S

20" high 48" wide


Limited Inventory

Wonderful multicolored streaking in wavy green leaves, slightly corrugated with lavendar flowers late July on 40" scapes.

Foxfire Good Friday

16" high 28" wide


Chartreuse leaves have an intense rubbery leaf texture with a green stem extending into the leaf, strong growth rate with pale lavendar flowers on 24” scapes. Gorgeous and fertile!

Foxfire Night Song

14" high 22" wide


Creamy to white center with a dark green margin makes for a great contrast.

Foxfire Palm Sunday



Very thick, almost rubbery, long chartreuse leaves have a dark green palm leaf pattern in the center which extends down the petiolewith pale lavendar flowers.If it’s unique you’re looking for, than look no further!

Fragrant Queen

22" high 48" wide


Thick leaves, wide creamy-white border with a vigorous growth rate.Holds up well all season and still looks great late in the summer with pale lavendar fragrant flowers .

Free Jazz

15" high 30" wide


Limited Inventory

Beautiful, fairly stable streaker! Somewhat glossy, fresh, green leaves generously splashed with creamy white. A vigorous grower this is a seedling from ‘William Lachman'. Fertile, lavendar flowers.

Frisian Pride



Elongated yellow-golden leaves with rippled margins reach upward, outward and back down to the ground creating a dense mound. Some late afternoon sun will give the perfect colour. Pale lavendar flowers.

Frosted June

16" high 24" wide


This hosta goes through a unique seasonal colour change. Leaves change from shiny yellow with a thin light green margin that changes to creamy white with the center changing to light green.

Frosted Mouse Ears

6" high 12" wide


Creamy white margined foliage, leaf center blue-green early turning dark by midsummer. Thick substance, attractive pale purple flowers in dense clusters in July on 12" scapes.

Fruit Punch

17" high 40" wide

Watermelon petioles hold vibrant lemon-yellow leaves edged in blackberry for spring foliage. In August saturated strawberry coloured scapes are topped with grape-purple flowers edged in white.

Funky Monkey

18" high 40" wide


Emerges chartreuse with deep red/black petioles, the colour extending high into the leaf veins on the undersides. The petioles are long and the leaves do not cover them, showcasing the deep colours.

Funny Mouse



It emerges in the spring with a clear white (not creamy) fairly wide margin surrounding a blue-green centered leaf. Great little plant with those perfectly proportioned lavender flowers.