Hosta Names C - D


18" high 36" wide


Brilliant golden, corrugated leaf surrounded by a dramatically contrasting wide dark-green border, lightly cupped and moderately rugose. Clumps are topped with light lavender flowers on 2' scapes.

Cajun Sunrise

16" high 35" wide


Leaf colour is bright gold with yellow streaks and mottles, a few leaves turning gold with a yellow edge. Leaves are also moderately corrugated, pale flowers mid July into August.
Calico Mouse Ears

5" high 12" wide

A collector’s plant!


Limited Inventory
Blue and gold streaked leaves are circled by a gold margin. The round, heavy substanced foliage forms a tight clump that blooms with short scapes of cute, bell-shaped, lavendar flowers in early summer.


4" high 10" wide

An exciting dwarf hosta which features tiny round green leaves with creamy white margins; tiny lavender flowers late June into mid July.

Candy Dish

12"high 24"wide

Shiny green leaves 7” long by 5 1/2 wide with many tiny marginal ripples and a long tiny thin tip, pale purple flowers in September in reddish scapes.

Captain Kirk

23" high 42" wide

Leaves have a 2" wide gold center, with a 3" wide dark green margin, pale lavendar flowers mid July on 36" scapes.

Captain's Adventure

16" high 24" wide

A hosta that goes through changes, greenish-yellow leaves of which the margin turns white, centre and margin are divided by a green irregular line. Lavendar flowers mid summer.

Cathedral Windows

21" high 36" wide

Large, round, dome-shaped, golden leaves are surrounded by a 3" wide, dark green border. The 3' wide clumps are topped in late summer with 40" stalks of very large, very fragrant near white flowers.

Celtic Dancer


Extremely upright clump with medium green leaves reaching upward with great substance and lots of ripples. Leaves twist toward the tip and are held on sturdy petioles that show some red. A real desirable specimen!


20" high 45" wide

Shiny, lush amber-gold foliage, with fragrant pale lavender flowers in August on three-foot scapes; fast growth rate. For a taste of the tropics, pair this one with Mojito!
Chartreuse Wiggles

6" high 21" wide

Bright gold, thin and lance-shaped leaves with wiggly edges make it a worthwhile addition. Pale purple flowers on 20" scapes in August.
Cheatin Heart

6" high 12" wide

Bright gold heart shaped leaves with a slight wave; forms an adorable little mound with light purple blooms on 7" scapes in July.


6" high 12" wide
Leaves are bluish-green, with a yellow center, turning near-white in summer. The blue-green from the margin streaks into the center, adding additional interest. Purple, bell-shaped flowers on 12" scapes in July.

Cherry Berry

12" high 28" wide

Lance-shaped leaves have a medium to dark green edge surrounding a creamy white center. Violet flowers top red spotted scapes in mid summer. Name comes from the fall colour of the seed pods which are cherry coloured.

Chief Sitting Bull- O/S

18" high 55" wide

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TC- $20.00

Medium green corrugated leaves are 11 ½” long by 10” wide with pale purple flowers late June. Part of Van Wade’s American Indian series.

Childhood Fantasy


Long and pointed, thick blue leaves have a twisted tip and a fantastic wavy margin. The clump is stunning with the leaves reaching upward and outward creating a sense of motion.

China Girl

14" high 28" wide

Very upright shiny green leaves with deep red petioles makes a semi vase-shaped clump. This is a very fertile girl!

Christmas Tree Gala O/S

18" high 24" wide


Limited Inventory

Heavily streaked and mottled with green, yellow and creamy white; foliage colours somewhat variable; lavendar flowers late June on 30" scapes. A highly desirable breeder.
Church Mouse

8" high 14" wide


Coarsely wavy leaves are thick, blue-green to green. Lavendar flowers early summer on perfectly proportioned scapes.

Cinnamon Sticks

13" high 27" wide


Bluish green to medium green leaves, good substance. Petioles covered with many purple-red dots that lead into the midrib of the blade, pale purple flowers open in the top 6" of the maroon-red scapes from mid September.

Clifford's Stingray

18" high 24" wide

Thick substance leaves that are creamy yellow to white in the center with a wide, dark green margin. The leaves slightly twist and is a good grower with pale lavender flowers in July.


22" high 48" wide

Heavily corrugated green leaves, each with a 1" wide golden border. Leaves exhibit nice corrugation and are of very good substance with a somewhat upright habit. Lavender flowers in early summer.

Coal Miner

30" high 46" wide

Long leaves, gracefully bowing, having a deep throat and unique dark colour. It starts out a dark bluish-green coating with a very powder blue back, it then turns blackish blue, making the leaves appear as if coated with coal dust.

Coast to Coast

28" high 32" wide


Emerging chartreuse-gold in the spring, a little direct sun will bring the plant into its full-on golden glory by mid summer. The heavy leaves are slightly cupped, deeply veined, intensely puckered, and lightly rippled around the edge.

Coconut Custard

6” high 14” wide

$ 15.00
Waxy yellow-green leaves and bright purple petioles that extend up into the leaf with orchid flowers that appear mid season on 13" scapes.

Cold Heart

18" high 24" wide


Emerging like frosted lime popsicles, has rippled and serrated edges on heart-shaped leaves with snow white backs. Best grown in the in shade as it maintains its frosted lime color.

Color Festival

18” high 10" wide


A very dramatic hosta! A streak of yellow between the green margin and white center on the leaves make this hosta very striking; pale lavendar flowers July on white scapes.

Confused Angel

32" high 70" wide


Large blue green leaves with creamy white and yellow streaks with near white flowers in June on 46" scapes.

Cool as a Cucumber

28" high 48" wide


Pointed, snowy-white leaves are trimmed by wide, deep green margins with lighter green streaks into the center. Very upright when young, with age it forms an elegant, fountain-like mound, light lavendar flowers.


9" high 22" wide


A unique small hosta with dark green, glossy leaves which are fantastically twisted and contorted. Pale lavendar flowers top clumps in the fall.

Cotton Candy

12" high 20" wide


A unique hosta with thick spear shaped leaves that are mottled and misted in spring turning dark green later in the summer.

Cracker Crumbs

5" high 19" wide

Shiny leaves emerge bright yellow-gold surrounded by a dark green margin that looks painted on, leaves continue to darken until late summer. Dark lavender flowers in midsummer.

Cranberry Wine


Bright yellow leaves become chartreuse are pointed, shiny, very wavy and have wonderful substance. The petioles become cranberry-coloured as the season progresses and purple flowers appear late in the season on dark cranberry scapes.

Cross Stitch -O/S

28" high 54" wide


Shiny green leaves that are regularly puckered along the outer edge ( the "stitching) glossy on the back of the leaf. Pale purple flowers in mid July on 44" to 52" scapes. A real rare find!

Cry Baby- O/S

12" high 15" wide


Narrow leaves 5” long by 1 5/8” wide, slightly rippled with a dark green margin with a gold center that changes during the season, eventually becoming chartreuse by mid July with medium purple flowers.
Curly Fries

6" high 16" wide


Very stiff, narrow leaves are heavily ruffled and have superb substance. Leaves emerge chartreuse in the spring, but quickly brighten to gold and finally turn creamy yellow by late summer, lavender flowers on red scapes.

Dance With Me

20" high 30" wide

Leaves are nearly round, chartreuse becoming yellow in the center with a medium green margin. The coloration is somewhat subtle but very attractive with pale lavendar flowers mid July.

Dancing Mouse



Thick blue-green leaves have a wavy yellowish-green border that darkens to a pale green as the season progresses. The wavy border and unique color combination makes this different from other “mice” topped with lavendar flowers.

Dancing Queen

24" high 30" wide

Large yellow hosta with an exceptional pie-crusted edge; starts out a bright yellow and maintains good color and then turns a very pale yellow late in the season; topped with pale lavender flowers in midsummer.

Dawn's Early Light

22" high 50" wide

Bright lemon-yellow leaves that are ruffled and corrugated, turning chartreuse as the season progresses. Piecrust-edged foliage, a distinct tip that curves downward plus lavendar flowers on 30" scapes mid July.


24" high 65" wide

One of the best main-season gold hostas, leaves start chartreuse & turn bright gold. Slightly wavy and corrugated with lavendar flowers on 3' scapes late July.

Deceiver- O/S

From the hybridizer's garden


Limited Inventory

Each leaf has a different streak to it. A beautiful yellow/orange with irregular streaking.

Deep Blue Sea

21" high 60" wide

Heavily corrugated, very thick, blue-green leaves that become shiny, dark green by midsummer. Maturity brings out the intense blue colour and plastic like substance not seen in young plants. Pale lavendar flowers.


12" high 16" wide


The unusual pattern of the blue-green leaves show off a yellow margin on the leaf border, along with yellow stripes throughout the entire clump of twisted foliage. Lavendar flowers in July.

Designer Genes

12" high 28" wide

Bright gold foliage with contrasting red petioles, leaf colour changes to chartreuse by August. Average substance with purple flowers late July on 29" high crimson red scapes..


From the hybridizer's garden, limited info.


Striking color in spring, this wonderful wavy leaved hosta keeps it's glow well into late summer. Unusual petioles radiate the perimeter like spokes on a wheel. stretching 24" in all directions.

Devil's Advocate

36” high 46” wide

In the spring the leaves are dark blue-green with green margins, later in the season leaves have apple green margins and a blue-green center which makes this hosta very exquisite!

Diane Gray Dalton -O/S

15" high by 40" wide


Limited Inventory

Heavily streaked foliage, leaf colour generally streaked creamy white and light green on a dark green base. Moderately corrugated at maturity and wavy, lavendar flowers on 30" scapes in July.

Dick Ward

24" high by 50" wide


The centre of the large leaf is bright gold framed with a dark green margin; heavy substance and desirable corrugation; pale lavender flowers late June on 20-30" scapes. An impressive specimen!


42" high ??


A good sport of 'T Rex' that has very large green leaves with a yellow-chartreuse margin, medium growth rate with pale lavendar flowers. This one is sure to stand out in the garden!


23" high 46" wide


Slightly corrugated, oval, pointed leaves are light green turning bright yellow during the season. White flowers bloom in June, if your wanting a hosta for the sun then this Diva is for you!

Dixie Chickadee

6" high 12" wide


Shiny yellow to white center with a dark green margin, leaf center is also green speckled; purple flowers late August.

Dorothy Benedict- O/S

26" high 50" wide


Limited Inventory

Blue-green with gold stripes between veins and some gold mottling; cordate, cupped with smooth margins; some rugosity. It is a very popular breeding plant despite its slow growth.

Dorset Clown

12" high 16" wide


A small mound of streaked foliage, leaf colour variable from leaf to leaf. Many leaves blue with streaks of yellow to cream white, somewhat unruly and thick substance with very pale lavendar flowers.

Double D Cup-O/S

18" high by 24" wide

$ 20.00- TC

This hosta is wonderfully cupped when it reaches maturity. Very unusual, in that each spring it comes up a rather ugly gray/green in color, early spring a faint variegation appears, constantly changes until fall.

Dragon Tails

4" high 10" wide

Leaves are bright yellow, lance-shaped and wavy with a slightly rippled edge; purple flowers late July on 17" scapes.

Drawn Butter

18" high 38" wide


Semi-shiny leaves start out greenish-gold and change to a rich deep golden colour. Good substance, a rippled margin that is slightly wavy with scapes dark maroon and 22" tall with long pale purple flowers.

Dust Devil

23" high 50" wide

Leaf center is shiny dark green with three different colors of yellow streaking in from the margin. Crisp upright appearance with lavendar flowers on 30" scapes late July.